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Are you looking for Top 15 New High ranking AMP Blogger Template 2022? You are in right place .Here you will get new fresh AMP Blogger Templates Free.

If you are searching for the best attractive design, beautiful layout, and fully loaded with widgets or Plugins which are fully responsive and Quick loading service for mobile with great UI and UX design AMP Blogger Templates then this article is only for you.

To increase your blog loading speed and provide the best Users Experience, you must have the best templates, that must be User Friendly and SEO-friendly, Quick Loading, and AdSense Friendly. Let's check out the most Powerful free AMP Blogger Templates that you can't ignore. B ToolsBox shared the best premium quality, Most Powerful, and Popular AMP Templates for your blogger website.

Do you arrive here to acquire a new fresh understanding of What are the AMP Templates? Are you looking for fresh concepts about the advantages of AMP blogger templates or the Best AMP Blogger Template For Free? You are in the right place with your search.

Here B ToolsBox has listed Top New Free AMP Responsive Blogger Templates, Using AMP will help you increase your website exposure, credibility, and ranking. It is an excellent tool to help you to increase your search traffic.

Before going to the main topic we should discuss the below topics.

  • What are AMP Templates?
  • How does AMP Template Works?
  • Advantages of AMP Blogger Templates.
  • Top of AMP Blogger Templates.

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What is AMP Templates For Bloggers?

AMP is a new open source project that makes it easy for publishers to create mobile-friendly content, faster. AMP templates are built using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The project provides libraries for building web components for the web page elements like images, ads, videos, etc. which will be loaded instantly. AMP templates will load instantly because they are built using the AMP Project components.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source mobile project originally developed by Google. AMP makes the web faster. Pages built with AMP load instantly on mobile devices because everything stays in one place, no matter which format you're using. AMP is fast, open-source, and owned by the community of people that use it.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will make the loading of a website faster and it will give users quick information on slow networks. Because it has accelerated loading times, which is shortened to AMP. Launched In the first quarter of 2015, there are already over 4 billion AMP pages.

As one of the most well-known companies, Google is always surprised by innovative features. Last year, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) program was announced in October, offering website owners the ability to create fast-loading mobile pages. Google claims that this framework will provide 60% faster page loads and more engaging user experiences.

Do you know what are the advantages of AMP Blogger templates?

The most powerful advantage of AMP helps in creating fast-loading pages for mobile devices. The basic advantage of AMP is that it does not cut ad revenue. In other words, all other Ads options will remain available on your blog or website.

#Major Advantages of AMP Blogger Templates

  • The page load quickly on low internet speeds cannot be overstated.
  • Create fast-rendering pages for mobile devices to ensure that your customer experience is of the highest quality.
  • Provide the best possible user experience
  • Reduce your Site loading time
  • Decrease the bounce rate and engage your audience's
  • Visitors continue their journey to your site.
  • Built-in Structure Data.
  • It doesn't cut ad revenue From your earnings.
  • Improve your Ranking by up to 5%.

How do AMP pages work?

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are enhanced versions of standard HTML5 documents with faster load times than conventional mobile pages. Websites can serve AMP pages by adding the "rel=amphtml" tag to their HTML code. Pages with AMP code contain three steps to their configuration. The first step is the AMP script, which checks to see if the visitor is using an AMP-capable browser (such as Google Chrome). If so, it loads the second step: the accelerated content, otherwise known as the AMP cache. Then, the third step is executed: a lightweight version of the page that is optimized for speed and reads the AMP HTML from the cache. This means that AMP pages load very quickly and almost immediately.

A ll Below Template come with already built Meta Tags & Title Tags For Blogger

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Top 15 New High ranking AMP Blogger Templates to Boost your blog SEO and page speed.

Top 15 New High ranking AMP Blogger Templates to Boost your blog SEO and page speed.

Download new and Fresh Attractive AMP Blogger Templates free in 2021. The AMP Blogger template is a dynamically created template for the blogger platform. AMP Blogger template is optimized for those who see speed as a factor when they use the internet.

If you need a good-looking and fast blog head over to the Google pages and check out all the following AMP Blogger templates with a preview to download:

Note: All Templates come with New Look and Design. I don't provide an image preview of these amp templates for some reason. So, Pay attention to viewers. 100 Percent Safe To Download

Fletro AMP -Blogger Template in Amp Format

The Fletro amp blogger theme’s dynamic heading will convert your regular blog into a compelling public speaking platform for any business. The Fletro amp blogger template is one of the Best Adsense blogger themes that you will find all over the internet. The Fletro amp is a blogger template designed by a Professional. It is one of the best SEO Optimized AMP templates for bloggers. This is a widely popular amp template.

This template has been constructed from a mixture of various shapes and sizes to present to you a 2 column, 3 columns, and a 1 column layout template. The bold colors and the easily readable fonts make the template appealing to the eye. The pop-up search window and the drop-down menu make navigation a breeze.

Infinite AMP -Blogger Template in Amp Format

The infinite Amp blogger template has a very simple layout which is best for blogs. It is light in weight which implies that it will not slow down your website. This is a clean and elegant blogger template that can be used for any niche, because of its clean design it will blend in with your desired theme. It features sidebars that help you feature your recent posts, popular posts, categories, and meta tags, this template also includes the popular social media buttons which should come in handy.

Infinite is a Multipurpose Responsive Blogger Template suitable for any niche. The clean minimalist design looks great on all devices, from desktops to smartphones. The fullscreen image background header will grab visitors' attention instantly.

The template is clean, professional, creative. Its responsive design makes the blog alive on every device, among which modern phones are counted as well. When it comes to choosing a blogger template for your site, the Infinite AMP Blogger Template could be the best choice. You would probably ask people who have used or are using it now: The user interface is nice, ads are great, colors are very fresh. I like this one -:

AMP Blog Two -Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP blog Two is a free blogger template that you can download from our site, including the template for Blogger. This AMP Blog template is based on Bootstrap and inspired by Material Design. We're sure that you'll find the design style unique and simple to use, with the content being displayed neatly on your device. The template is fully responsive and you can use it for any device such as computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

This template is a comprehensive template that was designed for any type of blog, news site, fashion website, eCommerce website, creative studio, product showcase, fashion blog, cooking website, a business magazine, etc.

The most interesting thing is that you can edit the footer credit-free.

AMP Blog Build -Blogger Template in Amp Format

For bloggers, writers, content creators, and publishers, the AMP blog build template is the perfect template for you. With this template, you get a fast-loading page filled with content that your readers will find attractive and engaging to consume. This theme features a unique layout that is very well suited for all types of blogs including the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty niche.

AMP Blog Build Template makes sure your blog looks nice-looking but also does its job of providing high-quality content straight away without distracting readers from visiting your website. To help bloggers create nice-looking blogs that provide high-quality content straight away, we have launched AMP Blog Build Templates that everyone could easily install on their sites.

You can edit the footer credit free of cost.

AMP Pro Demo -Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Pro demo is a professional and sleek Blogger template that works beautifully in AMP HTML. With a sleek layout and advanced post section, AMP Pro Demo is the perfect choice for building a website that is faster than ever. Additionally, this theme includes a wide range of features, including AMP Slider Post, Twitter Slider comments, Night mode, Facebook Page, and an amazing author box.

You can edit the footer credit for free.

For creators looking for a clean, modern, fully responsive Blogger theme with plenty of functionality, then the AMP Pro Demo template will be the perfect fit. With features for blogs, news sites, fashion websites, eCommerce websites, creative studios, product showcases, fashion blogs, and business magazines, the Standard Theme is a versatile theme with a responsive layout that will work on any device.

AMP Breaking News -Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Breaking News is a Blogger template in the AMP format.

In the modern-day world, content creators in different niches need a lightweight and fast-loading Blogger template on their blogs. In this regard, AMP Breaking News Blogger Template might be a solution. AMP Breaking News is an easily customizable and SEO-optimized and Responsive Blogger template. It includes a great number of pages and sections: Home, Themes, Navigation, Footer Widgets, Social Media, etc.

This AMP template is responsive, meaning that it adapts to the user’s screen. This means that it will always load fast and look great on your computer, tablets, and mobile devices. It is an SEO-optimized Blogspot theme. This means that it does its best to help you rank higher in search engines (like Google). It also has an optimized media library that helps you to organize and embed video and audio content.

The theme is perfect for branding agencies, digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, PR agencies, creative studios, web design companies, web developers, freelancers, and video production companies. It is also the ideal choice for individual bloggers and small businesses.

AMP Alex -Blogger Template in Amp Format

If you are looking for high qualified traffic for your blog, here is the solution. This theme can be used for any kind of news portal, celebrity blogs, and associated websites, etc. So if you are interested to increase the search engine traffic of your website, AMP Alex News Theme is ready to make your dream come true.

AMP Alex Blogger Template has powerful customization options, making it easy for you to fine-tune the theme’s looks and styling. Whether you want to change the fonts and colors, or edit the fonts and anywhere on the layout, AMP Alex Blogger Theme offers impressive design flexibility.

This blog template comes with a clean, modern, and minimalistic look because it's completely responsive. It looks good on any device like Mobile, Tablet, Computer, Laptop, or any electronic gadget like Smartphone.

This Design has full support for all major search engines. speed optimized coding, fast loading speed, Got Rich Snippets in Article Post, and SEO-Friendly Content. Unique 2 in 2 indexing solution which helps to increase your page ranking. All social media links are embedded in the header. The recent Post widget can be used in the sidebar or anywhere in the article post.

This is a Free AMP Blogger template you can use for your website and blog and it has a professional and clean look.

AMP Fenix -Blogger Template in Amp Format

It is a new Blogger Templates for your blog. It is a Free AMP Blogspot template with fast loading features, themes are equipped with highly SEO optimized codes and rich snippets for better SERP.

AMP Fenix is based on the latest technology, which is AMP. This ensures that your website will have a fast loading speed. Some features are amazing, you can integrate Google Maps to the footer of your website. This is a free one world-famous blogger template. it comes with a neat, clean and clear layout design for your blogger site.

This is a complete SEO Blogger Template and Adsense Ready Template that uses best SEO practices to give you the best user experience and improve your search engine rankings. The template has been developed with a clean and valid code. Blogging the theme will be a huge time saver as you can easily change the background color, typography, and fonts by simply going into the customize options and many more.

AMP Featured -Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Featured template is one of the best and popularly used blogger themes. it comes also feature-rich design. This is SEO optimized fast-loading Design Looking for a very High-Quality theme.

This template is responsive and supports all the features of the most recent WordPress version. It is SEO optimized and developers can edit it using the Bootstrap framework with clean code.

This Theme is designed and developed for blogs and online magazines. AMP Featured is a simple and clean theme, perfect for any blog website, business, news, magazine, and personal site. It uses White Background as the main color with Grey Links and content text.

I’d recommend AMP Featured for anyone who is looking for a fast-loading, SEO-optimized yet non-basic Blogspot template.

AMP Cover Slider -Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Cover Slider is a Premium Blogger Template in the AMP format. It is an SEO-optimized and faster-loading Blogger template for your blog.

AMP Cover Slider template is a fully responsive HTML5 and CSS3 blogger template. This Blogspot theme is a clean and minimalistic design for blogging. This template has a full-width slider, featured posts, social icons, comment section, author information that will satisfy your needs. Also the main features of this template.

It is an All in One SEO Optimized Blogger template in which you can easily write great content. We have included all the necessary features in this template. This is a Smart blogging template with sidebars, for better reading and viewing experience on SmartPhones. Search engines like clean themes that are easy to navigate, so we've got this covered!

AMP Alex News Magazine-Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Alex News Magazine is a premium blogger template in the AMP format.

This template has a lot of advanced features and options, making it a more functional and convenient Blogspot template that works great on any device, from 16:9 desktop computers for both writings and reading your news, to smartphones and tablets.

AMP Alex News Magazine Blogger template has a responsive layout, modern style and it looks great on any device. It uses the newest technology "AMP" to reach the faster loading time of the pages. You can very easily set up your Blogger template in no time, even if you have no coding experience.

It can be used by any bloggers such as journalists, writers, news publications, photographers, etc. This Blogger template also comes with blog post layouts that mimic the structure of articles for easy reading.

It includes a lot of functionalities to improve your site with Mega Menu, Header styles, Post style, Footer style, Sidebar style, Navigation menu, Infinite Scrolling option, Social network buttons, Related content option, etc. But it not come with Stylish 404 Error Page to manually add this learn more about it.

AMP Inspriting- Blogger Template in Amp Format

This blogger template is ideal for bloggers who want to use it in creative ways. It is perfect for professional blogs, photography blogs, travel blogs, personal blogs, lifestyle blogs, and food blogs. This blogger template is faster than the standard blogger templates.

This Blogger template has a beautiful design. You can make your blog stand out from other blogs with the latest music, fashion, tech, outdoors, lifestyle, sports news, and many more magazines categories. AMP Inspriting is also perfect for small businesses that want to grow their online presence.

This Blogger template is useful and attractive for both regular and mobile users and it will bring a new design to the blogging community.

And it would be a good idea if you were to use AMP Inspiring as it will change people's minds about Blogspot blogs.

AMP Calisto-Blogger Template in Amp Format

AMP Calisto is a premium blogger template in the AMP HTML version. AMP Calisto is a blogger template designed to help you make your blog faster and more SEO-friendly Contents. It has many special features for speed, security, social media integration, user experience, search engine optimization, and more.

The template has a clean and stylish design. It is fast and responsive, using the latest technology for faster page loading.

It is fully responsive to devices of different sizes. It is a lightweight and responsive Blogger template for writers, journalists, photographers, news, sports, entertainment, among endless topics.

With its large number of pre-designed widgets and fonts, AMP Calisto provides unlimited customization options. More importantly, it is faster, faster, faster!

AMP Touch -Blogger Template in Amp Format

This template is the perfect choice for your Blogger website. It can be used as a personal blog, photoblog, fashion blog, travel blog, food blog, and more. It comes with a fancy design with an AMP touch style and three different header styles to choose from.

This Blogger template is created with great care and knowledge for writing articles and sharing information you have on your site with your readers. The best thing about this template is that the flexibility of the design. You can change the colors as well as the font according to your demands.

The AMP Touch Blogger theme is the ultimate online tool for your business, corporate blog, or personal website. It provides rich configuration options and integrates essential features like large slides, video backgrounds, and professional typography that make it adaptable for any type of website.

Amp Touch is a clean, long-lasting, and easy-to-use Blogger template. It’s perfect for any kind of blog, online magazine, news portal, publishing website, etc ...

AMP HTML (Landing Pages ) - Blogger Template in Amp Format

This template has the standards of the AMP HTML format. This means that it acquired a higher position and that you will show better results on Search Engines like Google and Yandex among others that can make your page easier, which is very important for what we want to achieve.

It comes with an amazing AMP touch style adapted to the modern taste of the Blogger platform while preserving its simplicity.

The design of this template is lush, abundant, and colorful; it matches great with topics like lifestyle, travel, or art, but also can be used for private blogs like diaries.

It provides the option to use a sticky header layout with different header options. The theme also has a featured post area and a column footer layout that is fixed thus creating a neat and clean user experience.


All the above AMP Blogger Templates have been thoroughly tested on all major browsers and devices so they will look and work flawlessly. I’m always trying to improve by offering free support for my premium items. Any time you may need help with your template, please feel free to contact me through my profile page and I’ll provide you with the best support possible.



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